Valentine marathon: heavenly lemon macarons (4/4)

Feb 13, 2015 Categories: Kitchen, Sweets

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the piece de la résistance, my personal success (after what feels like 1000 attempts and recipes) and my Valentine Masterpiece:

Heavenly lemon macarons

Valentine marathon: heavenly lemon macarons (4/4)

Two years ago I made the first attempt to make macarons.  I was asked to make a beach picnic proof desert for the 10 wedding anniversary of our neighbours.  The result then was not at all bad, but for some reason all my trials to repeat that recipe failed catastrophically.  Ever since I have been surfing the web in search for THE no fail macarons recipe.  I was determined to include macarons in this Valentine marathon.

Why macarons?

Many many reasons make macarons the prefect sweet treat for me.

-  They can be a great present when you’re invited to visit friends.

-  Macarons are a very good alternative to celiac patients as they don’t contain flour or other gluten products

-  Macarons shells can be stored in the freezer.  So you make them batch wise and you always have a few at hand when spontaneity is required.  Even the stuffing can be quickly organised, then we all have a good marmalade in the fridge if needed.

-  They can be the finishing touch to that wonderful cake you’ve made.

-  …

Macarons: The recipe!

Credit where credit is due:  Shinee at Sweet and Savoury did a great job taking pictures of every step incl. a video to show us the folding technique.

Valentine marathon: heavenly lemon macarons (4/4)

I have chosen to add an extra security feature for my macarons: a silicon mat instead of parchment paper.


I will be making macarons on a weekly basis, I think!

So, if you will excuse me, this Lady needs her beauty sleep.  Tomorrow Valentine needs to be prepared Valentine marathon: heavenly lemon macarons (4/4)   What are you up to?  Big plans; dinner, cinema, I’m playing bowling with a whole bunch of friends.  We don’t a special day actually to be romantic, we celebrate valentine every day!!

Valentine marathon: heavenly lemon macarons (4/4)


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