Feb 13

Valentine marathon: heavenly lemon macarons (4/4)

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the piece de la résistance, my personal success (after what feels like 1000 attempts and recipes) and my Valentine Masterpiece:

Heavenly lemon macarons

Valentine marathon: heavenly lemon macarons (4/4)

Two years ago I made the first attempt to make macarons.  I was asked to make a beach picnic proof desert for the 10 wedding anniversary of our neighbours.  The result then was not at all bad, but for some reason all my trials to repeat that recipe failed catastrophically.  Ever since I have been surfing the web in search for THE no fail macarons recipe.  I was determined to include macarons … Read the rest =>

Feb 07

Valentine marathon: Lemon white chocolate chip Muffins (1/4)

This week I want to spoil you with Valentine Sweeties!

I’ve been married to my Valentine for 10 years this year!  I think that deserves a special Valentines treat, don’t you think?!  So be prepared for the sweetest week of the year.  I haven’t baked any cakes, muffins, biscuits etc. since Christmas, so it’s about time to catch up.

Peter, husband dearest, loves lemons.  And to be honest, I think lemons give deserts, cakes and everything sweet an extra dimension to the sweetness.  It lifts the taste!  That’s why I have chosen this year’s Valentine theme:

Don’t count on low … Read the rest =>