Valentine marathon: Lemon white chocolate chip Muffins (1/4)

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This week I want to spoil you with Valentine Sweeties!

I’ve been married to my Valentine for 10 years this year!  I think that deserves a special Valentines treat, don’t you think?!  So be prepared for the sweetest week of the year.  I haven’t baked any cakes, muffins, biscuits etc. since Christmas, so it’s about time to catch up.

Peter, husband dearest, loves lemons.  And to be honest, I think lemons give deserts, cakes and everything sweet an extra dimension to the sweetness.  It lifts the taste!  That’s why I have chosen this year’s Valentine theme:

Don’t count on low carb and little calories, Ladies and Gentlemen!  This is what’s called in German “Hüftgold”, or literally translated “Hip gold”.  These sweeties go straight to the hips, I am sorry to say.   And before I start spilling the beans and let you in on a few top recipes, I wanted you to know that I use unsprayed organic lemons.  The cost a few cents more, but as I use the zests of the fruits, quality is a non-negotiable priority.  But I’m pretty sure plenty of you share this opinion.

Kick off for this sweet loving marathon:

Lemon white chocolate chip Muffins

I am not the recipe inventor, but I can smell a good recipe from miles away.  That’s why I have chosen this recipe as one of my Valentine favourites.  CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

Most of the time, I tweak recipes as I tend to forget to put the odd ingredient on my shopping list.  But that wasn’t the case this time.  These muffins are the perfect afternoon surprise visitors saving sweets, because you will probably have 99% of the ingredients in your pantry.  And if not, there is plenty of space for variation.  Why not replace lemons for oranges, try a different yoghurt flavour, or stick to chocolate only and fill them with marmalade …  Be creative Valentine marathon: Lemon white chocolate chip Muffins (1/4)

Tasty isn’t it?!!!

Valentine marathon: Lemon white chocolate chip Muffins (1/4)


One thought on “Valentine marathon: Lemon white chocolate chip Muffins (1/4)

  1. Ok, Caro, ich ändere den Spruch “Wenn das Leben Dir Zitronen gibt, mach Limonade draus”, ab in “…, mach Lemon White Chocolate Chip Muffins draus” ;o)) Die sehen einfach nur lecker aus!!

    Kölle Alaaf

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