Welcome to my blog, welcome at Comfy Cosy, … Living (CCL).  This is where I collect everything that makes me happy, everything that makes my home into the paradise I need to relax, find my focus, meet friends, raise my daughter and to live.  That’s why I create cosiness, that’s why I like it comfortable … that’s why I live!

Last year I started my first blogging experience.  I thought I was quite the expert when it came down to cooking.  And I must admit, it’s true … I am a pretty good kitchen queen … as long as I have recipes and cook books.  When it comes down to being creative, I have learned that there are lots of blogger colleagues who are far more creative then I am.  But I love blogging and meeting new likeminded people among the blogging community.  That’s why I had to rethink my Blogadventure.

From my previous blog “Essenzfertig”, I learned three important facts:

-  I miss reading and writing in english.  Born and raised in Belgium, I was taught that languages are a struggle to learn, but once captured they’re an absolute treasure.  I want to submurge in foreign languages and cultures.  I was raised by anglophile parents.  So from early on in my life, english was my second language.  Ever since I came to Germany, the english language became almost, I’m afraid to say, redundant.  And I miss it!  Not to speak or hear english almost makes me feel homesick.  So the new blog had to be in english!!

-  Although my creativity in the kitchen has room for development, creativity is a sanity saving pilar in my life.  My daytime job (Insurance, believe it or not!) is very strict and compliance driven.  I need to be creative in my spare time, to balance this out.  My daughter, Charlotte, is the best excuse to experiment with knitting needles, a sewing machine and seasonal decorations.  My husband Peter, on the other hand,  is my creativity engine for kitchen and garden.

-  Blogging is not just reading and writing.  I discovered a whole new world: Social Media became more transparent, IT and Webdesign are no longer a foreign language (although I still need to learn much much more) and my private life has a whole new perspective:  I will be learning and developping myself for the rest of my life!

These facts combined lead to my blog:  A home and self made paradise, where we as a family are comfy and cosy.  We are LIVING!

Hi, I’m Caroline.  But please, call me Caro!  What’s there to tell about myself?

-36 years old

- born in Antwerp (Belgium), enjoyed my single life in London and found family happiness in the north of Germany

-  The proudest mum of Charlotte (9)

-  Language freak (unfortunately dyslectic, so forgive the odd spelling mistake); speaking, reading and writing Flemish, Dutch, French, German and English.  Please feel free to contact me if you wish to have a post translated.

-  What I love?  Everything you read in this blog!

-Very important to know for this blog: Due to a fungi-allergy, you will never read mushroom recipes here. Sorry!

-  Life goal: to be inspired and to inspire others.

So take a break, a cup of coffee and have a cosy look around, sign up for the newsletter:

Let me share with you what thrives me and let me know what inspires you.  Comments and emails might grow into worldwide friendships!

Have fun and enjoy … I will too



See those happy feet? That’s me at my happiest: barefoot on the freshly cut lawn.

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