Valentine marathon: Fortune cookies (3/4)

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Before I tell you more about our fortune cookies adventure, I have to say:

Am I glad to see you here!!

Yesterday was one of those days, I tell ya!  Some kind of higher force didn’t want me to get home after work, I think.  First a fire brigade was blocking the tracks (yes, I am a brave train commuter!), next a power cut rendered the central station out of order and finally our train suffered technical disruption.  It took me 3,5 hours to get home!  Frustrated and dead tired (I had to get up at 4:30hrs in the morning!) I didn’t think I would manage to write my planned post.  But as I read all your feeds, and my fingers started to tingle.  I have to wright!  I planned it, I will write Most of all as I planned to tell you the proud story of how my daughter Charlotte made fortune cookies.  I did write, but didn’t finish Valentine marathon: Fortune cookies (3/4)

Valentine marathon: Fortune cookies (3/4)

So here goes:

Charlotte starts to read magazines.  You know those early teeny magazines?  This month it featured fortune cookies including quotes.  And before I could make my own cooking plans for the week, I got to hear:  “Mum, I NEED the Kitchen this weekend!”  So I did clear the kitchen for a couple of hours and this is what came out of the oven:

Ab Fab Fortune Cookies

* 40 g plain flour * 10 g corn starch * 50 g icing sugar * 50 g room temperature Butter * 1 egg white (40 g) * 1 EL Oil * 1 pinch of salt

Valentine marathon: Fortune cookies (3/4)

Mix all ingredients together with 2 tablespoon cold water.  Leave it for an hour to set. (Perfect for children to have a play break as concentration fades!)

Spread the mixture on a lined baking tray, forming little circles from about 10cm across.  Bake them in a 160°C preheated oven for about 8 Minutes.

Now be quick and be prepared for burning your fingers (but it such fun!!)  Take each of the biscuits of the paper with a spatula.  Put a quote on it and fold it to a half circle and then fold the end tips down to form the traditional fortune cookie shape.  Put them in small glasses to cool and keep their shape.

Valentine marathon: Fortune cookies (3/4)

And there you have it:  Fortune cookies á la Charlotte!!

Mother final note on the personal Valentine theme:  sprinkle some lemon zests in the batter give these cookies a wonderful lemon taste!

Thank you, dearest Charlotte!  You have a real baking talent and I look forward to handing you my baking sceptre.

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