Feb 16

Liebster Award – The best surprise in the world!!

Last week has been all about Valentine!  For the first time in my blogging life, I had set myself a small trial for an editorial calendar.  The theme, you guessed it, Valentine.  A lemony valentine to be precise.  I was all set and kind of curious.  “Was I able to meet all my goals and deadlines?”  And then came a post that took all my anxiety: Angela from Working on Working Mom nominated me for the Liebster Award.

Liebster Award   The best surprise in the world!!

This award was just the motivation boost that I needed.  AND it allows me to boost the motivation of a few other … Read the rest =>

Jan 30

Homemade burger on a bloggy afternoon

Last Sunday I invited special guests to come for dinner.  Martin and Alina, blogging relatives, were brave enough to accept the invitation and try my homemade burger.  Actually it was a bit of a blackmail trick!  Martin’s blog, WIHEL, is doing pretty well.  So I thought to “seduce” him with scrumptious food and doing so convince him to help me with some tricks of the blogging trade.

You know what?  It worked like a treat Homemade burger on a bloggy afternoon

He didn’t only help me speed up my website.  He also spent quite some time explaining me some basics that I couldn’t get into my … Read the rest =>

Jan 01

Welcome to my new Blog! Let’s toast on it.


Welcome to my new Blog!  Lets toast on it.

Welcome to my new Blog!

I wish everyone the best health, the strength to make your dreams come true and the tiny bit of luck we all need once in a while to enjoy the unexpected!

I celebrate the beginning of 2015 with a new blog!

Welcome to:

Comfy, Cosy, … Living

Let’s create Paradise!

Last year I started my first blogging experience.  I thought I was quite the expert when it came down to cooking.  And I must admit, it’s true … I am a pretty good kitchen queen … as long as I have recipes and cook … Read the rest =>